Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that the state would award citizens who had been vaccinated 3,000 dinars in addition to the second financial aid to help people cope with the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

The move follows an unsatisfactory response to the call for vaccination, although Serbia has provided sufficient doses of four different types of vaccines and has been declared the best performing country in the Western Balkans in the vaccination process.

Speaking to Pink TV, Vucic said the financial reward was for people who “took responsibility” and as a motive for those who had been reluctant or allegedly anti-vaxxers.

Despite warnings from experts that Serbia was indiscriminately providing the helicopter money by most likely taking out loans that current and future generations will repay, Vucic has already announced 30 euros times two for all citizens and more for retirees in 2021.

He also said that Serbian citizens who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and become ill with the virus will not be entitled to paid sick leave as citizens who fall ill despite their vaccination.

Further, Vucic stated that Serbian nationals who had been revaccinated will be able to travel to Hungary, Greece and Turkey without any limitations, adding negotiations with Russia and China, and some other countries were underway to accept Belgrade vaccination certificates bilaterally. .

(Danas, 05.05.2021)

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