The Freedom and Justice Party is critical of the Home Affairs Bill, Party Vice-President Marinika Tepic said today.

She says the bill leaves room for many cases of abuse and that passing such a law would legalize nepotism, para-police and the criminalization of the police, adding that it is one of the most scandalous laws in the law of the Republic of Serbia and serves to make the police an instrument in the hands of the ruling party.

“The law formally legalizes the privatization of the police, police brutality, para-police and the criminalization of the police, and if passed, criminals will be able to finance and sponsor the police, all to stay in power,” he said. Tepic said. during a press conference at party headquarters.

She added that the militarization of the police creates a problem, because for the first time after the 1990s and the reign of Slobodan Milosevic, military ranks are introduced in the police, and it is questionable that if the number of ECTS points for the appointment of the Director of Police will drop from the current 300 to 240.

“The huge financial penalties for those posting photos of an official while on duty are particularly worrying,” Tepic concluded.

(RTV, 09.22.2021)