The Lear Company, a subsidiary of an American company that produces automotive electronics, has suspended production in Novi Sad due to the war in Ukraine, reports the daily Danas.

The management letter sent to employees indicates that there was a problem with the supply of components for production and customer orders, which led to the interruption of production. The management of the Novi Sad factory also asks employees to show understanding of the current situation: “We ask all employees to try to understand that the interruption is only due to the instability current caused by force majeure. We all sincerely hope that this situation will stabilize soon and we will resume our activities regularly. »

In 2019, Lear was widely reported as the all-time record in terms of the amount of grants given to him by the Serbian government.

In addition to the €9.6 million grant, the Novi Sad authorities have built the company a 28,000 square meter warehouse, for which the company pays a fee of just €2.5 per square meter. . The government of Novi Sad both provided the land for the construction of the factory and built a warehouse which cost around 4 billion dinars. The deal is for the Novi Sad government to collect a lease from Lear within the next 40 years, not including interest on loans the company will have to repay.

(Nova Ekonomija, 21.03.2022)

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